IDF soldiers, who risk their lives to protect the country and its citizens, often face the challenge of ongoing erosion of their spiritual world and their faith, as well as their fighting spirit.

At Panim El Panim, we established a special set of programs for commanders and soldiers. The purpose of the programs is to strengthen the presence of Torah among religious soldiers, and to reinforce Jewish identity and the fighting spirit among all soldiers, in combat zones, on training bases and in training fields.

The activities touch on different aspects of the soldiers’ lives: from the training bases to operational combat – there are Shabbat programs at the different units, ongoing lecture series, Sunday strengthening programs, yeshiva days, and more.
Programs for female soldiers impart a special sense of belonging with ongoing lectures and personal connections.

The department staff is composed of dozens of rabbis and rebbetzins who have experience, love for the soldiers in particular and for the IDF in general. Most of the lecturers are former combat soldiers/officers themselves, and we accompany them with content, seminars and ongoing development programs.

The activities are in conjunction with the Ministry of Defense and the Chief Military Rabbinate.

פנים אל פנים סטודנטים


Army bases throughout the country


Male and female soldiers


Shabbat programs, lectures and classes each year

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