The teenage years are formative years when a person develops their identity. Therefore, during this period, it is especially important to give young men and women a chance to encounter Jewish identity, values and heritage, so that these will be fundamental parts of their personalities.
At Panim El Panim, we have built a program for teenagers that operates in a high-quality, ongoing, methodical manner. The activities primarily take place at high schools and with youth groups in cities and communities.
The teenagers encounter Jewish values, love for the nation, the country and Jewish heritage, and discover a deep sense of identification and the relevance of these values to their lives.

Our educational team is very experienced and involved in ongoing study processes, formulating content, continuing education, control and feedback.

Activities take place with the full cooperation of education coordinators, teaching staffs, and youth counselors, with government recognition from the Ministry of Education and in collaboration with the JNF.

פנים אל פנים נוער


High schools throughout the country


Teenage girls and boys


Lectures, workshops, seminars

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