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various populations in Israel to hear and learn more about Judaism, about their roots, about the Jewish holidays, life cycle events, and more.

At Panim El Panim, we created the General Public Department especially for them. The purpose of this department is to provide an in-depth look at Judaism, the Torah and our Jewish roots through ongoing study and experiences that exciting and enjoyable.

Activities are held in a number of formats, the main one being groups who study together from the Jewish sources at their workplaces or right in their living rooms, with friends. The instructors and lecturers for these groups are people who truly live the Torah and the Israeli experience, and are capable of delving deep into topics that are of interest to the study group.

In addition, every year, Panim el Panim assists in leading events at moshavim and kibbutzim related to the Jewish calendar year – prayer services on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, Chanukah candle lighting events, and Megillah readings on Purim.

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