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We Stand Together

“Panim El Panim” has been striving for years to provide each and every person with the ability and desire to establish a real, internal connection to Judaism. Now more than ever, our activities and various programs are greatly needed, as this connection unites us and brings us together as a nation. 
Together, with your support, we can keep on strengthening our soldiers’ spirit and take our activities in high schools and universities to the next level, in order to build a generation with a profound connection to its inherent Jewish identity.

Our Passover Campaign

All across Israel, North to South, including in cities experiencing relentless combat due to the recent war, we are holding our Passover events where families can learn about the holiday, connect to its true essence and to the Torah and its values. Together, we’ll prepare special kits for the holiday with hand-baked matzos and plenty of heartwarming content. The kits will then be personally delivered by “Panim El Panim” directly to families who have lost loved ones in the recent war, families of hostages, soldiers and the wounded.


100 holiday kits


30 holiday kits


10 holiday kits​


5 holiday kits​

Gallery of our activities

"Panim El Panim" in numbers

College students

Programs that develop leadership and social responsibility from a Jewish perspective

Annual learning centersand Leadership programs in different districts
College students


In-depth encounters with Jewish identity and values

High schools across the country
Classes, workshops & seminars


Strengthening Jewish identity and the driving spirit among religious soldiers

Army bases across the country
Male and female soldiers
Shabbat experiences per year at IDF bases

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